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What is BILLION?

A pair of millions, that is, two (2) million. Subsequent prefixes mean 3 million (trillion), 4 million (quadrillion), etc.

He became a billionaire after earning his second million.

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BILLION - what is it?

The exact number of any exaggerated quantity of anything (minutes, books, tacos, etc.).

Hey, i saw sally sit in your lap at the party last night. did you finally give in to that swamp donkey?

What?! No, of course not. She weighs like 4 billion pounds!

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What does "BILLION" mean?

A made up number Keanu Reeves decided to bet for Final Jeopardy.

"I bet eleventy billion dollars."
"That's not even a real number"

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BILLION - what does it mean?

In English speaking countries means 10^9, in all other languages and countries except Brazilian Portuguese means 10^12. This is because English speaking nations use the short scale, where new notation is used when multiplied by 1000, rather than the long scale where its when multiplied by a million.

In English speaking countries, a billion times a thousand is a trillion. In non English speaking countries, a billion times a thousand is a billiard, which times a thousand THEN becomes a trillion.

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BILLION - meaning

A derisive term for computer geeks who proffer 3 fundamental beliefs:
1) Microsoft can do no wrong and is right and admirable to pursue dominance by any means necessary.
2) There are NO other viable computing/development platforms.
3) That successful marketing by Microsoft has not influenced their computing/technology choices.

The term "Billion" is a combination of 'Bill' (Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and it's most recognizable face) and 'Legion'. So, "billion" = "Bill's Legions." Also, it's a play on the idea that such people eagerly add billions of dollars to Mr. Gates' fortunes.

"His anti-Open Source tirade was spoken like a true Billion."
"My life as a Billion has not been without it's share of viruses and installation headaches."
"No self-respecting Billion would be caught dead using a Macintosh."

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BILLION - definition

Most everywhere: One thousand millions;

Also meant to exaggerate.

I've seen that movie a billion times.

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BILLION - slang

To make something a billion times better.

Chet: I was unsatisfied with my Lambo, so I billionized it with gold plating.
Phil: interesting choice.

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How many people Lex Luthor is going to kill.

Lois Lane: But millions of people will die!
Lex Luthor: BILLIONS!

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America and most other non-british-colonized countries (let's not debate about that): 1,000,000,000
: 1 thousand Million

Australia, The Uk etc. : 1,000,000,000,000
: 1 Million Million

"In America it is easier to make a billion dollars then in Australia"

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I believe in the UK a "billion" means a million millions (e.g. 10^12 rather than 10^9)

Pretty self-explanatory.

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