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What is B-52's?

An alcoholic beverage consisting of Kaluha, Baileys Creme, and Vodka. Generally stacked in a shot glass to reveal the differeces in colors amoungst the layers.

Bartender, I'll take two more B-52s.

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B-52's - what is it?

Also known as the Stratofortress or the Buff (Big Ugly Fat Fellow). Its the United States Airforce's nuclear and conventional intercontinental bomber. Its 50+ year service makes it the longest serving aircraft EVER. They have taken part in every conflict since the Vietnam war and up into the War on Terror. Its expected life span is projected up to the year 2030.

1. B-52's have begun their strategic bombardment of enemy positions.

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What does "B-52's" mean?

An alcoholic drink consisting of Baileys, Kahlua and Gran Marnier. Served in a shot glass, this drink is layered showing the colours of the different types of alcohol inside. To create the layers, one must pour the alcohol slowly over the rounded end of a spoon.

I'll take a b-52 and two shots of liquid cocaine.

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B-52's - what does it mean?

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress(or BUF -Big Ugly Fucker)is an eight-engined heavy bomber used by the US Air Force. Initially designed in the late 1940s/early 1950s, the B-52 was the mainstay of America's nuclear deterrent bomber force since 1954. Although designed to nuke the crap out of soviets, the BUF has never been actually used in its intended combat role. The B-52 has since proven to be a great conventional bomber, even being used as a close-air-support plane(a role for fighter bombers). Although 50 years old, the BUF is simply the most efficient way to drop a shitload of bombs on someone and is expected to be in service past 2045, thanks to constant upgrades and tough-as-hell engineering. It can carry cruise missiles too.

Interesting trivia for ya: The band The B-52s are not named after the bomber, but rather the hairstyle... which looks like the B-52's nosecone

Pham Tuan, the first pilot to shoot down a stratofortress, later became vietnam's first cosmonaut.

The B-52 can carry around 70,000lbs of bombs. thats right, seventy-fucking-thousand.

The B-52 is so old, that its perfectly possible for a pilot out there to be flying the same BUF that his father and grandfather previously flew.

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One of the most famous New Wave bands. Formed in Athens, Georgia in 1976. Famous for songs like "Rock Lobster", "Love Shack", "Roam", and "Channel Z"

The B-52's are the ultimate Party Rock band

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That other defintion minces words too much.They aren't funk either you faggot.B-52's simply suck and are the typical kind of shit that was found on mtv all throughout the horrid 80's.They are new waver queers.Like all new waver queers they suck butt.This is why mtv has always sucked and will always suck.Well also because mtv also played that gay faggy ass hair metal crap which was made by a bunch of androgynous L.A. queens who were influenced by bullshit like Iron Maiden.These same fags would probably today be a bunch of scene emos.

B-52's suck the ass , literally.

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The best funk band around. Listen to Rock Lobster... most famous from Family Guy.

The B-52's made a song called Rock Lobster and its a piece of crap.

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An 80's band, the songs of which all sound more or less the same.

Raymond: "Have you heard that new B-52's song?"
Cisco: "Oh yea, the one that sounds like all the other ones they've ever recorded!"

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A band from the 1970s from Athens, GA that has two girls and a gay guy as their singers whose best album was their debut album, although they're all good after a few listens. While later albums like "Cosmic Thing", "Bouncing off the Satellites" and "Good Stuff" kind of sucked, you can't deny that songs like "52 Girls", "Private Idaho", "Dance This Mess Around", "6060842", and "Planet Claire" were some of the best new wave tracks ever recorded.

"Hay d00d i sawr Teh B52z on Family guy lololol it wuz hullaryuss Peter wuz singin Rock Lobsta"

"The B-52's are the second best new wave band ever."

Oh, and this one's from when I wore my B-52s shirt:
*looks up and down at shirt* "OOH I LUV TEH LOVE SHACK!!!1111"

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B-52's is an amazing band. They are a 80's band.
Oh and what's best about them is that they're unique. Rock Lobster is their best song in my opionon and it is not a piece
of crap. If someone says otherwise they have no good taste in music.

b-52's is a great 80's band.

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