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What is B&J's?



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B&J's - what is it?

abbreviation: just joking
see j/k

I'm gonna wack you! j/j

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What does "B&J's" mean?

cuts apples with a knife, then eats them. Because they think its makes them a more etiquitte indiviual. They shower often, and don't pluck their eyebrows. But they are stunning anyways. They have a limited wardrobe but seem to never run out of new clothes. Very athletic but act like a awkward girl. They like to lounge around the house all day in either too small or oversized housecoats. They do odd things like carve pencil crayons with kitchen knives, or chew plastic spoons. Quite often have older and much hotter sister who are alomost an inch shorter but make up for that loss of height in at-it-tude !
Melissa J. B. kick ass, to put it simply !

Person #1 I was playing basket ball last night
Person #2 Oh, any Melissa. J. B. s in the other team?

Person #1 Why are you cutting up that apple
Person #2 Oh I don't know..
Person #1 Pulling a Mel J. B

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B&J's - what does it mean?

A double bourbon and ginger ale. It's a popular drink during warm months and is classically made with Jim Bean.

Friend: "Hey man, you want to go grab a drink?"
Me: "Yeah! It's been so hot lately, I could go for a J Double B."

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The best brand of wordScotch/word wordwhiskey/word.

Yes, I'm prejudiced toward my favorite brand, but so are all Scotch drinkers... ^_^

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A cum in the mouth blow job.

Last night my girlfriend gave me a C I M B J.

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The act of ejaculating into the vagina of a woman during her menstrual period. Hence the term, "Period Blood and Jizz"

"Hey Honey, i'm on my rag and feelin horny! Wanna Make some P-B & J?"

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Acronym for sweet baby jesus. Term used to express excitement, satisfaction, and exhiliration. Easy and fast to use when sending corporate-monitored emails.

S B J I can't wait to have a cocktail tonight.
That sushi was S B J.

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Derogatory term for President Bill Clinton. A reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, it is a play on his full name William ("Bill") Jefferson Clinton.

The wife of B. J. Clinton is running for President! Do you think she'll win?

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B&J, is commonly used to refer to the popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's

Hey bro, you want a B&J?
Nah, I'm good

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