Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Ayo?

nothing much it’s just fat bernice

lmao it’s ayo

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Ayo - what is it?

A good person

Ayo very good

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What does "Ayo" mean?

Just before Christmas 2019, people started commenting the word 'Ayo' on music videos on YouTube. Within one day, Drake's music video for 'War' had already about 120k people writing 'Ayo' in the comment section.

But it started on the 23rd of December 2019, when Tyler, The Creator dropped two songs on YouTube, 'GROUP B' and 'BEST INTEREST'. Tyler starts the song 'GROUP B' with "Ayo", a word which some fans know Tyler for saying in other songs like 'OKRA'. They then started commenting this and it quickly spread throughout YouTube's comment sections.

Why are people spamming 'Ayo'?


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Ayo - what does it mean?

The best song ever by Andre Nickatina. Ayo for Yayo is a tale..all about that yayo...

AYO FOR YAYO WALK AROUND WITH YAYO ALL IN MY NASAL I MUSTA BEEN CRAZED YO... damn boyyy that's my favorite jam! -Rick aka..crackbat.

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Someone everyone wants to be cause he's sick at everything

I want to be like Ayo

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Ayo is an amazing he has an amazing heart that can heal any wounds. He is a person that will do anything to help you and bring you back on track. He may not be the Handsome person everyone thinks of but he has a handsome heart. He also could look weak but he his a strong person emotionally and Physically so don’t mess with him he comes from a rich family and normally a person from Africa. In Yoruba his name means joy. And he definitely brings joy to peoples hearts and lives. Ayo is definitely a person you can confine in. He will have your best interest in heart.

Person 1: Hey who is that?
Person 2: That’s Ayo he is amazing

Person 1: You have to introduce me

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This is a Nigerian name of the Yoruba dialect which means 'Joy'. It can be combined with other names.

e.g. Ayodele meaning Joy (Ayo) has come/arrived home (Dele)

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a response for a very suspect or homosexual comment.

Dude 1: That's a big bulge in your pants, what is it?

Dude 2: AYOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a streamlined fusion of the salutation "hey, yo" that goes over extremely well with the modern urban entrepreneur.

"ayo, slim, whatcha'll be on?"

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It means Hey You.
It is mainly used when addressing an individual in any given situation to get his or her attention.

Ayo! What time is it?
Ayo, Can I talk to you for a minute?

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