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What is Awhile?

a way to say goodbye, usually used by people who go to UF. I don't usually hear Seminoles say "see ya later alligator" or "after a while crocodile"
You wont to know why? becuase Seminoles couldn't get into UF so they went there.

LLCOOLJ: see you later Alligator

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Awhile - what is it?

A way of saying goodbye, followed by another person saying "see you later alligator". Can also be said "In a while crocodile".

See you later, alligator.
After awhile crocodile.

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What does "Awhile" mean?

Another way to say good-bye.

Usually used after someone says "See you later alligator".

Friend: See you later alligator!
You: After awhile crocodile!

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Awhile - what does it mean?

Fleetingly display happpiness

Even if your smile’s not as long as a mile, should you smile awhile you’ll retrieve your inner resources file.

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Awhile - meaning

To engage in sordid sexual encounters.

Come on, let's strip and defile awhile!

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Awhile - definition

1. Illiterate spelling of a while.

2. Broken keyboard spelling of a while.

1. gime awhile 2 gt mah krak!11111!1!!111

2. Ineedawhiletogetanewkeyboard.

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Awhile - slang

Knowing a person for a long period of time.

I have known Billy Joe Bob for awhiles now.

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adverb (for) a brief period of time.

correct spelling only when used as an adverb and not in a prepositional phrase. Otherwise, in a prepositional phrase, it is two words. As a noun phrase, it is two words.

Adverb: I will wait awhile for you, but after that I'm out.

Prep Phrase: I will wait for a while, but after that I'm out.

Noun Phrase: A while has gone by since we started this project.

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A word meaning "For a while." As a general rule, if you could not replace the word with "for a while," you should be using "a while."

Jimmy: I'm going to stay and talk awhile.

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1. In the mean time.

2. In the interim.

Specifically used in the Eastern PA region of Lancaster County.

1. You go get changed and I'll make dinner awhile.

2. We're not ready to sell the house yet, but we figured we'd paint and fix it up awhile.

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