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What is Assholish?

The form of being an asshole

Zoe is so filled of assholishness

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Assholish - video

Assholish - what is it?

The form of being an asshole

Zoe is so full of assholishness

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What does "Assholish" mean?

A phrase used to imitate a person who has just spoken. By saying it at someone, you'll feel and look better than the person you are "correcting".

But the phrase can also be good. Such as, you just finished making something that has never been made before. Then, another person uses assholish sarcasm to comment on your creation. The person insulting you is right to insult you because you didn't seem that excited about your creation.

An example of assholish sarcasm as being used by Person B.

Person A: *just finished making a gun out of paper* "Wow, pretty cool"

Person B: "Yeah it's pretty cool, it's nothing you know. I just finished making a gun out of paper, nothing too fancy you know."

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Assholish - what does it mean?

A particularly fucked up thing to do to a person.

Beau, that was bastardly assholish of you to kick Kris in the balls like that!

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Assholish - meaning

There is a book titled Assholes. I read almost the whole book in jail after trying to protect a child from abuse, by lacking understanding regarding resultant requirements of a wish I made, which were, of course, arranged by Fate, mostly Lachesis.

In the book, an asshole is defined, and the definition is well written and well written at length, excepting that the definition ignores private fame, lacking a better term in this my partially drunken state, such being satisfaction or happiness attained while being essentially socially alone. Once an individual has acquired satisfaction, which none will EVER relinquish, no matter how small a part of satisfaction or happiness has been acquired, one will NOT be willing to give or trade such away without certainty of near immediate satisfaction reclamation or permanent satisfaction increase a (see Pure Happiness). Those who have philosophically examined Christianity will find Moloch in the previous sentence, but those who are morally and philosophically pure will give no truth to satisfaction/happiness gain for all by sacrifice. Stars, the children of Jesus, burn out, according to science.

So, by the book, an asshole, or assholes, believe he, she or they deserve to be satisfied or happy (having a sense of entitlement) for no reason. Only by proving that loving increases happiness for all, which can only be done by knowing how to love, can one be justly proud. Two hearts are better than one, and threesomes are even better.

Assholishness is the justification that you are good, and should therefore be acknowledged as so. When you feel like saying " I CAN'T BELIEVE IT," yet you find such to be so, you are learning to believe in miracles.

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Assholish - definition

If someone who is not an asshole but at times acts like one, then he or she is an assholish. In fact even a genius can be an assholish.

stupid; like an asshole but not quite one.

Nount: Rendall is an assholish.

Adjective: Rendall acts pretty assholish at times.

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Assholish - slang

ass hole behavior: i.e. unwelcomed grab ass, skipping out on the tab, etc.

Even though he was an amazing physical specimen, his assholishness kept me from going home with him.

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A descriptive word used when a person performs an action or displays an attitude that ultimately labels them as being an asshole.

Why did Mary throw my iPod across the room? I don't know, but it was definitely an assholish thing to do.

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Acting like an asshole. To be an asshole in nature.

You are being a selfish assholish bastard.

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