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What is Anol?

a word slurred for and all normally used when a but tipsy

listen up dog ill fuck you up anoll

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Anol - what is it?

A type of pineapple flavoured, wine-type home made alcohol made from the fermenting of pineapples or pineapple juice.

"OH, martin - i hope this home brew pineappl-anol doesn't kill me"

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What does "Anol" mean?

A type of lizard that is found in the state of Florida that lives around 3 years.

I caught a brown anole

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Anol - what does it mean?

A Home-brewed drink fermented from pineapples or pineapple juice.

OH, Martin, this is some good pineappl-anol you've made

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Anol - meaning

A small color changing lizard who bottoms for the Geico Gecko.

I saw Anole getting plowed in the cloaca by that insurance reptile.

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Anol - definition

The act of anal penetration while intoxicated.

- Dude pass the whiskey
- No John, no more ethanol for you. Last time you got this drunk you tried to do anol with my girlfriend

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Anol - slang

anole.....a Blackburn/ Lankysher word meaning 'aswell'

"Our Tracy`s just popped down town to exchange that cardy for me & she`s gonna pop into ASDA ont way home anole"

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And All.. (an all > an ol > anol)

Mostly Scottish slang, Glasweigen mainly, but also heard Newcastle and north east of England anol like.

Met this fit lass out on the town last Night with a proper cock blocking mate like, but she wouldny come back to ours unless her mate was coming anol like.

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Scottish term for "as well". This can mainly be seen in Glasgow.

"Fuck up ya dick or you'll be getting chibbed anol".

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