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What is Ananting?

Indian curry boy

Anant loves curry.

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Ananting meme gif

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Ananting - what is it?

endless, eternal, infinity, limitless

this universe is anant , the human mind is anant , time is anant

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What does "Ananting" mean?

A person who will never give up no matter how hopeless something is. they can often be found in karaoke joints sitting in a corner checking out ugly asians, or in the hood checking out easy black chicks.

"That kid has to stop hitting on my grandma"
"he cant help it he is a real anant"

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Ananting - what does it mean?

sexy looks, never ending, very attractive and doesn't give up easily. His personality is every girls dream. Is smart but acts dumb. probably has iq above 130. may be scrawny but can be dangerous and aggressive yet kind and loving in the same time. most hilarious person you will meet. cares about those closest to her and would do anything for her family. loves the ocean and stuff but might have tragic past life. has almost 2 affairs by the time he's 17. He is a rebel at heart and would do anything to make people happy. is weak hearted and loving.

that was anant style move

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Ananting - meaning

anant is a word which means that that person will never end or lose.

we are greater than the anant

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Ananting - definition

Anant is a quite intelligent are a set 1 tryhard. He is also a satanist and he does voodoo.

Woah did you see Anant yesterday he was acting really weird.

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Ananting - slang

eternal, infinite, endless or limitless are words that define "anant"

this universe is anant. the human mind is anant. there are a number of anant stars in anant galaxies.

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Really hot motherfucker. Strong and tough on the outside but really soft on inside. A ladies man. Can be a pervert but is one of the best man you might ever find. Smart,Sexy and Sexual..

Who is that handsome boy going?
That's Anant

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sexy looks, never ending, very attractive and doesnt give up easily. His personality is every girls dream. Usually know to be a warrior of goddess due to their strong physical body/strength.

Anants awesome..

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Verb: to suddenly bail from plans and go offline

Sally: "How did you date with Jake go?"
Claire: "He totality ananted me! And he won't reply to my texts."
Sally: "All the boys today are ananting. They think it is cool or something!"

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