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What is American Apparel?

American Apparel is a clothing store which hipsters were once infatuated with. The store was deemed as progressive and unique. However, unfortunately, American Apparel has become too mainstream for hipsters. Any true hipster will now tell you that American Apparel is a clothing store that any junior high student subscribes to. Putting the hipster culture aside for a moment, their clothes are usually low quality, but fit better than other brands.

Hipster - "Hey, dude is that an American Apparel T - shirt"?

Non hipster - "Yeah it's the 401 shirt, organic too!"

Hispter - "Wow, American Apparel, that shit is weak, last week!" "Now lets go drink some fermented semen....

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American Apparel - what is it?

Popular hipster clothing staple, where solid-colored t-shirts marked "wholesale" are sold for roughly $15 a pop, when the same shirt could be purchased from Wal*Mart for $4. Then again, Wal*Mart doesn't label its clothing as "CRUELTY/SWEATSHOP FREE!" and is, of course, way too mainstream for the ever-hip still-living-off-parents elite.

San Francisco hipster: I just got three solid-colored shirts at American Apparel, and it only cost me $45! Buying stuff wholesale rocks!

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What does "American Apparel" mean?

Where Cirque De Soleil gets their costumes. As a matter of fact, this amazing store provides the fabulous garments to circuses all around the world. No wonder it's so popular and overpriced!

Circus Organizer(boss): We're running out of costumes Oswald!

Circus Assistant(Oswald): Look boss, there's a store! I think it's called American Apparel.

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American Apparel - what does it mean?

The new uniform for suburban girls ranging from thirteen to twenty-five. Once belonging to hipsters and those of artist origin, it is now (due to its expansion) worn by sluts, nerds, jocks, and hipster-wannabes all over high school grounds. Ugg boots, black lululemon pants, and brightly colourd american apparel hoodies are the new uniform for all public school students, who slowly decend on the indie scene ready to get their sticky mainstream fingers all over anything which can be salvaged. When all is said and done, if you think you were the "first one to where american apparel in your school" then... you weren't. There was some kid hanging out, behind the oak tree off school grounds smoking a cigarette and talking about the last show he/she went to, who was.

Rich Girl One

"Omg, these lululemon pants ride me so bad! Like, is that ashley? As if, she has a purple american apparel hoodie, i was the first, my daddy bought it for me in toronto!"

Rich Girl Two

"Psssh I know, lets jump into my moms Hummer, listen to some regina spektor to be indie, and go to starbucks, to show off these hoodies!"

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American Apparel

The largest clothing manufacturer in the United States. They design, manufacture and sell high quality clothing that fits well and looks good, and is made in America. They pay their workers an average of over $12 an hour, while workers for companies that outsource to the third world often make less than a dollar an hour. Their advertising has no airbrushing, and usually uses normal people at stores or who send their photos to the website. Their photos in-store genuinely reflect what an average person would look like in their clothing.

They're probably best known for their basics: t-shirts, tights, socks, hoodies, leggings and underwear in a huge variety of solid colors and patterns, as well as every size imaginable. Everything fits well, looks good, and lasts pretty much forever. The t-shirts are particularly good for screen printing.

Hipsters will criticize it for becoming popular with the teen audience, but if you think something is bad simply because of who likes it, then you really need to rethink all of your opinions.

Yes, it's priced slightly higher than most other retailers, but only those who have never felt the cozy fit of an AA t-shirt would prefer a $4 bad karma, low quality Wal-Mart shirt.

Person A: "I got the best t-shirt ever at American Apparel last month! It fits as if it's custom-made, and it's still like new after 4 times in the wash!"
Person B: "Well, I got one in the same color last month too from somewhere but it's faded and worn out already. But it's still better because YOU'RE just some mainstream teen who follows trends."
Person A: "If it's sweatshop-free mainstream, it's good."

"I started shopping at American Apparel. It costs more, but it's worth it because it supports the American economy, and it's the only clothing I have that stays comfy and good-looking forever."

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American Apparel

While it is a designated hipster locale with ads that resemble a Terry Richardson shoot, the clothing produced by American Apparel truly is of incredible quality, created by highly economical means (as opposed to the majority of the other popular labels out these days), with far more sturdy pieces than what you often find at other hip hot spots such as Urban Outfitters. They also do not cater soley to smaller sizes, offering sizes as high as 3x, unlike most other popular stores shooting for the teen to mid/late twenties demographic. Recently, they've also begun a "newsstand" section, wherein they hold various underground literature and art magazines, offering the contributors to these publications international exposure for their work where they otherwise wouldn't be getting it (as American Apparel is one of the only remotely mainstream stores of more than one location carrying these publications currently).

In this case, the old adage, "You get what you pay for," rings true. Sure, it may cost a bit more to buy an article of clothing from American Apparel than from Wal*Mart and the like, but if you honestly cannot admit that American Apparel's clothing is of a far superior quality than those you would find at such other establishments, you're just flat out kidding yourself.

If American Apparel has to appeal to the hipster populus to get kids to buy clothes that weren't made in a sweatshop in Chile for once, that's okay with me.

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American Apparel

A cool/hip clothing store, often serving hipsters in cities, that sells overpriced t-shirts, leggings, and metallic colored leotards.

The ad's feature scantily clad women generally found on the street just before the photo shoot. The founder of the company has been a known perv who has been reported for sexual harassment many times.

"OMG! Like i totally went to American Apparel the other day, and they didn't have that green jumpsuit I wanted!"

"Dude i can tell those turquoise tights are definitely from American Apparel!"

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American Apparel

An American Based clothing manufacturer that is unfortunately popular with the modern hipster community.

American Apparel t-shirts are noticeable better quality and fit than $4 Wal*Mart shirts in addition to producing excellent screen printing results. They are under fire from people that have never felt how soft and light an American Apparel shirt is and people that do not know how a t-shirt should properly fit. Their t-shirts are worth the price you pay; frugal individuals can find AA t-shirts for under $10.

American Apparel shirts are soft and light, not cheap and rough like Wal*Mart, Hanes or Gildan t-shirts shirts.

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American Apparel

American Apparel is a popular and trendy US apparel manufacturing LLC.

It manufactures, wholesales, and retails all of its products, and is popular in mainstream, urban areas such as San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and Portland.

Although slightly more priced than similar retailers, American Apparel produces all of its clothes in the United States, pays their workers a decent wage and provides them with healthcare, and utilizes cruelty free practices.

A:"Wow, I love being a cheap redneck and shopping at Wal-Mart! I got this fugly looking neon pink top for only $4!"
B:"You should really check out American Apparel- albeit not as inexpensive as Wal-Mart, their shirts are all organic, made in the US, and by happy workers at minimum wage. I'm pretty sure some child labor in China made your top."
A:"Where's China?"

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American Apparel

A store that sells a bunch of brightly colored spandex, body suits, leotards, and some other crap that you are never going to wear, but nevertheless want.

Clara and Violet are in American Apparel.

Clara- Omg, these magenta spandex leggings are adorable!

Violet- You're never going to wear them.....

Clara- It's American Apparel. All the stuff I buy here I dont wear. I dont care. They're cute and I want them.

Clara never wears the leggings.

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