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What is All you?

buncha crap stuffed into a buffet just to make people fat and not earn much money beacuse the buffet is cheap

-i went out to eat yesterday
=did you?
-oh it was an all-you-can-eat--
=yeah (cough) um i kinda gotta go bye
-why'd he go?...

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All you - what is it?

Another word for "All You Can Eat"; used to describe the tendency of some people to take things out of All You Can Eat buffets (such as condiment packages, food, etc.) in order to use them later. Since you are usually not allowed to take food out of such buffets, this is usually considered stealing.

After leaving the All You Can Steal Buffet: Bob, Ed, and Jim compared their spoils...
Ed: Heh, what did you guys get?
Bob: I got four sausages and a napkin!
Ed: Ha! I got SEVEN sausages and TWO napkins!
Jim: AMATEURS! I got TWENTY sausages, THREE napkins, and TWO sets of silverware!

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What does "All you" mean?

A marketing term that is used to lure people into eating at a buffet.

Let's go to the buffet! It's all-you-can-eat!

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All you - what does it mean?

Place where one never stomachs enough food to get his money's worth.

Just been to an all you can eat restaurant...I think I'm going to be sick.....

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All you

A challenge.

All you can eat? Are you sure you really want to see how much I can eat?

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All you

If these words are spoken in a general conversation, then what ever they are referencing belongs to Kenny, aka "The Santos". That is All.


*A random chick passes by*

That's all you.

*Kenny nods in silence.*

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All you

Phrase often uttered by one spotting another during a free weight exercise involving extremely heavy lifting. Spoken during the last few reps being pushed, during which period the spotter pretends to assist the lifter, and the strain involved in lifting practically induces a stroke.

Spotter: Four...c'mon "John Abbott College"...c'mon...FIVE!

Lifter: (Unintelligible grunts)...

Spotter: ...SIX! It's all you,'s all you.

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All you

As much as one would like. Often disapprovingly.

1. - I dont see her behind your back.

- Lie all you want, I saw her message in your phone.

2. You can eat all you want.

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All you

The business of someone you're speaking too. Not your problem.

I didn't fuck with that nigga's cousin, that's all you.

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All you

The term "All You" is a term that can used in a number of ways. It can be used to signify a positive result in favor of the person who says "All you" or to whom the term is directed at. The term can also be used an adjective. The term is originated from the infamous "Chun Szeto" crew.

Person 1 : Damnnn look at that hot girl walk by!
Person 2 : All you !

Person 1 : I just aced my final exams without studying.
Person 2 : All you!

Person 1: I just got a job at Wendy's.
Person 2: Wendy's all you!

Person 1: I was running the pool table all day.
Person 2 : Pool table all you!

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