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What is Alex Trebek's?

rapper from south austin

I don't care I'll fuck up trebek's $150 jersey

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Alex Trebek's - what is it?

To settle an argument by simply looking up the facts on the internet.

"The band Killing Joke is made up entirely of Midgets!"
"No it's not!"
"I'll trebek it."

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What does "Alex Trebek's" mean?

To trebek is to reference a person to the male genitalia. If a person is being cynical, difficult, or down right annoying labeling them as a trebek is the equivelent of calling them a ,"Dick."

"Wow, Floyd you are being such a trebek right now."
"Oh man... is your trebek alright? I didn't think I could throw that hard."
"GOD, My boss is such a trebek".

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Alex Trebek's - what does it mean?

When you pronounce foreign words in their original accent. Named for how Alex Trabek pronounces words on Jeopardy.

As defined by Jimmy Fallon.

"I love how you are always Trebeking all of those Italian words."

Mike Birbiglia's bit about how to pronounce La Quinta Inn.

Or how Giada De Laurentiis pronounces spaghetti.

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Alex Trebek's

To use nitpicky details to rob someone of what they have rightfully earned.

Alex Trebek likes to Trebek people on Jeopardy when they don't have the 100% exact answer.

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Alex Trebek's

The host of Jeopardy.

Alex trebek's a crazy dumbass trying to act smart

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Alex Trebek's

Host of Jeopardy with the stare of a thousand bipolar men. Attempts to pronounce foreign words, but sucks major ass.

"In Rio de Janeiro..."

"Alex Trebek, i couldn't even understand you. Go fuck yourself."

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Alex Trebek's

the former host of jeopardy. tends to get ripped on by sean connery in SNL jeopardy.

Alex Trebek: Tom, we can't keep playing if you don't let go of the pickle.


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Alex Trebek's

A sophisticated person with salt and pepper hair and a mustache (Although Alex Trebek no longer has the mustache he will always be known for having one)

Dude, you better hurry up and tee off... Alex Trebek back here is gonna have a shit!

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Alex Trebek's

The host of the TV show Jeopardy!

Did you watch Alex Trebek on Jeopardy?

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