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What is Adjective?

When something is relating to or is about adjectives.

(Pronounced Adjective + ull)

Ex. If you write a sentence to explain how an adjective is useful, just fill it with adjective-al praise.

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Adjective - what is it?

part of speech commonly used in subtitles

Splinter Cell: Adjective Noun!
Splinter Cell: Puppy Helmet!
Splinter Cell: Popcorn Eyeglasses!
Splinter Cell: Peanut-Butter Monkey!
(note: all the words in the subtitles are usually nouns, but the first word in each subtitle is used as an adjective)

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What does "Adjective" mean?

When a person (usually thick) says a describing word more than once, straight after the other. It started life in the lower-intelligence areas of the world but has somehow crept up and is used in everyday life, such as football matches and even the news.

1) It's a tricky tricky fixture for Arsenal to be up against.
2)What a horrible horrible day.
3) Only thick thick people talk with double adjectives.

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Adjective - what does it mean?

When used as an adjective, emo generally refers to an individual who is either over-emotional or tends to exaggerate situations. For example, you may call someone emo for crying over something that really doesn't merit crying. However, it is good to use the word withcaution because it generally carries a negative connotation.

Girl: Nobody loves me, my friends aren't really my friends, nobody cares about me, I'm all alone, I'm always so caring of other people and no one cares about me, I'm so selfless!!!!....etc.

emo (adjective)

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The word Ho as an adjective that modifies a woman's name.

The purpose describing the use of her sexual prowress and gold digging powers.

See that gold digger, she is the opitomy of a ho. what's her name? Suzi? Suziho! That's it she is an adjective ho.

also used as:

Suziho as in Suzanne is a ho
Jessaho as in Jessica is a ho

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(adj.) A word used to describe a guy that is cool, attractive and doesn't speak in long sentences and only reply in words like "Yes" "No" "Maybe" or just shrug their shoulders, nod heads or shake them "No". They usually have an evil smile in their face that makes people wonder what they're thinking about and makes girls fall in love because its so cool. They are always silent and only speak when something is important. Most of the time mistaken as emo or scheziophrenics.

Rick is so mysterious (adjective), he's cool.
She finds mysterious (adjective) boys attractive.

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Adding a plus sign on to any adjective ala Google+, which acts as a positive superlative.

Using any "adjective"+ - Instead of saying "Your older sister is more attractive than you," say "Your older sister is attractive+." Instead of, "That bartender was more helpful than the bitch before her who screwed up my drink and than spat in it," "That bartender was helpful+."

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In coding language, an exclamation before something negates it, so !+adjective would negating the adjective, without the person who doesn't know how to code knowing.

!+adjective = Not (adjective)

!+adjective = Not (adjective)
!true = not true
!awesome = not awesome

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A word signifying a conceptual representations of an ontological possibility.


1. I am not bad, I am not good, I am not smart, I am, not dumb, I am Rolyat. (whereas Rolyat is an adjective)
2. There are no adjectives that may be used to describe nothing.
3. Any adjectives, and all adjectives may describe everything.

i.e; "everything sucks", "everything is great", "everything is purple"...

Example 1.
thing 1. your purple
thing 2. no I am thing 2
thing 1. no, your the color purple
thing 2. how do you know?
thing 1. I can see you, your the same color as this room
thing 2. I am purple?
thing 1. yes!
thing 2. Omg I am all over this room... which is purple... which is me! I am the adjective purple, ahh!

Example 2.
Old man. Hello young lady, I am interested in courting you..
Young lady. Ew, stay away from me perverted blah blah blah....
Old man. Excuse me, why are you calling me that adjective, perverted?
Young lady. Oh.. Because I am conditioned to believe that older-men advancing on me are perverted. But now that you bring it up, I understand that it is just a mental construct that I use to frame my interactions and make more senses of the world. In fact, as far as nihilistic-existentialism goes, there is no such thing as a perv! However, your still a perv, my brain simply can not cope with the limitlessness of reality.

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1. Any word that describes a noun.
2. (used by retards who submit definitions to Urban Dictionary) Any word.

1. Adjectives include words like quick, brown, and lazy, but does not include names of products, groups, or corporations which you dislike.
2. "I just ate a pasta that tasted like shit. It was so McDonald's! Get it? McDonald's tastes like shit so I turned it into an adjective describing the pasta which also tastes like shit!"
"Dude, that joke is so Family Circus. HAHAHAH! I turned Family Circus into an adjective to describe your unfunny joke! Hot damn, I'm clever."
"Don't you mean to say 'Hot damn, I'm not Bush'?"
"No, because then someone would think I was stating that I'm not Bush, which, although true, does not show off the cleverness of turning famous proper nouns into adjectives for the hundredth time."
"Oops, I guess my advice was Tom Green."
"Man, we wish we were Kurt Cobain."

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