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What is A Google?

Google+ is bad, the new comment system requires a Google+ account to be linked to your Youtube channel, comments don't appear chronologically and is completely disorganized and would confuse to person as they try to find their desired comment, even worse is the spam that bombarded the comment sections, people would create accounts to disguise themselves as Hitler, Jesus, Obama, etc. and now that ascii art is allowed, many of the people would spam swastika's and dicks all over the comment sections, many of them is about bob building an army that is against Google+, even worse is that the new comment system doesn't have a limit for characters, which means that when you click "expand this comment" it is very inconvenient and time consuming to collapse it sometimes, even worse is when you click it, the link directs you to a screamer or a virus making this site appear more dangerous than the Yungas Road, The video "meet the new youtube comments" has more dislikes the likes on the Ratio, and the fact that it claims "Youtube comments just got better" is a lie, The spam and the offensive comments makes it way worse and unsatisfying, the new changes drives many people to delete their Youtube accounts and migrate to Vimeo, The youtube co-founder "Jawed Karim" is also against this update, in his first youtube comment in 8 years, the comment says "why the fuck do I need a Google+ account to comment+".


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A Google - video

A Google - what is it?

An answer to a question that you are too lazy to answer.

Also used for a question that's hard or awkward to answer.

Person 1: What's a sheeple?

Person 2: Just google it.


Person 1: What's a hemorrhoid?
Person 2: Uhhh... just google it.

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What does "A Google" mean?

The holy mother of all search engines. Is the most efficient, and reliable search engines. Can generate a few million results within a fraction of a second. Can be used for homework, dating, and for looking at high quality divx porn for satisfying your sex-deprived lives.

I used google to search for transsexual porn!

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A Google - what does it mean?

1. To "google" something, meaning to look it up on Google.

2. To search for something in general

"Wanna know more about the French Revolution? Google it"

"Google this"

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A Google - meaning

The social networking website that will find any -ANY- way to create an account for you by making you click on the wrong button. If there's any other website where creating an account is easier, it is in all probability spam.

"Yesterday I was asked 3 times whether I wanted to be on Google+, twice on YouTube and even once on Gmail."

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A Google - definition

A way for Google to fuck YouTube over and just constantly make it worst and impossible to comment on.

Guy1: hey what ever happened to that Dutchcommie guy who was looking at and commenting on that video every day?

Guy2: Google+ fucked with the comments section, so he could no-longer reply to his comment and continue the chain.

Guy1: oh that sucks!

Guy2: yeah! and he was on Day365 when they changed it!

Guy1: Fuck a Duck!!

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A Google - slang

A term used by the elderly or technically incompetent when referring to internet-related technologies.

Grandma: My email is slow today, there must be a problem with the googles.

Grandson: Gammy, looks like somebody unplugged your wireless router.

Grandma: Your grandfather was trying to sign-up for, could that have messed-up the googles?

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A Google

It is what one must not do.

Don't Google Google. Googling Google is wrong, says Google.

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A Google

This literaly refers to the act of going to and searching g-o-o-g-l-e.

However, this is actually a very dangerous act. Googling google is like playing Russian Roulete, crossing the streams (Ghostbusters), or a hole in the space-tme continuoum (Back To The Future). What ever you do, do not google 'google' if you wish to stay safe.

It is BAD

Please, let me drive you home... you have had too much to drink... you don't want to be googling google on a night like this.

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A Google

(1) A person with high intellect
(2) A person who has a large vocabulary

"You can ask him anything, he's a Google"
"He answered all of 'em correctly, he must be a Google"

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