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What is AHEAD of time?

EXO's title "Love Me Right" released on June 3, 2015 for the repackaged edition of their second studio album Exodus.

-I miss love me right era
-yes she was ahead of time

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AHEAD of time - what is it?

A term popularized by singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera.

"Are you sure Stephen King wrote that in the 60s? Sounds like it could be released today. Stephen King is ahead of his time for that".

"I can't believe people are finally appreciating the show 'Living Single', it was truly ahead of its time".

"Audrey Hepburn normalized a lot in her era, she was ahead of her time".

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What does "AHEAD of time" mean?

A term normalized by Christina Aguilera used to describe her 2010 album "Bionic". Today the term is used in pop culture and by fans and critics to describe an album or film. "Too advanced or modern to be understood or appreciated during the time." Some could even argue her album "Stripped" was ahead of its time.

"Maybe it was too ahead of its time for certain people".

"This Christina Aguilera album sounds so fresh, its ahead if its time".

"Christina Aguilera is always ahead of her time".

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