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What is 9:30?

Makin' a fat egg scramble when the boys need a big meal at 9:30pm

*takes bong rip*
man it's time for a 9:30 scramble

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9:30 - what is it?

A particular type of girl who will drive upwards of 15 min to your house to have sex with you once a week from 8-9:30pm. She is allowed to visit other times only if she is bringing food. She cannot enter the house though. She is not your girlfriend.

Guy 1: Is that your girlfriend upstairs?
Guy 2: No, she's my 8-9:30 girl.

Guy 1: Do you have plans tonight?
Guy 2: No, my 8-9:30 girl is just going to drop off some lobster.

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What does "9:30" mean?

Legendary Washington, D.C. music club, founded in the 1980s, and originally located on 930 F Street. The location has sinced changed to 815 V Street, which allows the nightclub to house up to 1200 people. Bands large and small play at 9:30, and the tickets are often inexpensive, which allows even teenagers to afford to go, keeping up with the motto: "All ages, all the time." At its first location, the venue was nicknamed "the dirty 30," because of its 'distinctive odor.' Defining moments in the 9:30 club's history include when the Smashing Pumpkins performed at the grand opening of the new V Street location.

The 9:30 club is AWWWWEEESSOOOOMMEEE!!!!

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9:30 - what does it mean?

When a person has to "pinch a loaf", usually every day at 9:30am

"Jango had to 9-30 real bad and almost didn't make it to the toilet!"

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9:30 - meaning

The perfect time (PM) to have a huge party to celebrate the end of school and the start of summer while your parents are out of town for the weekend. Just make sure the beer delivery guy doesn't arrive early and blows the whole plan, know what I'm sayin'?

Made famous by Richard Linklater's 1993 movie "Dazed and Confused".

Slater: "What time is your party tonight, man?"

Pickford: "9:30, man"

Slater: "9:30... Mmm.. Okay.. I'll be there, man"

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9:30 - definition

Another word for erection. Originated from getting boners in school everyday around 9:30. You can walk around with it down your leg to show everyone, or you can tuck it under your ass if you're ashamed of it. When your boner is limp and no longer of value to your sexy ass teacher, it is called a "9:31".

When the fly ass whore sat on my dick, I felt like it was 9:30, so she fucked my dick 'til I busted baby juice.

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