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What is 8 AM?

Andrew Sir Baron for he is 8.

Yo look I am 8 just like Andrew

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8 AM - video

8 AM - what is it?

Sarcastic addition to the end of an authoritative statement to make obvious the statement was meant in jest or is otherwise unreliable.

Coldplay is definitely the best band ever. I am 8.

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What does "8 AM" mean?

A class that begins at 8 AM, also known as the bane of the existence for college students. Classes that begin at 8 AM are pretty much GPA-suicide for any class with an attendance policy. You're either going to miss it, or you're not going to awake enough to function. Especially avoid if it's a science or math class.

John: Hey man, I'm taking an 8 AM Bio class.
Mark:...I'd rather lick a cheese grater.

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