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What is 80s?

Both slang for OxyContin and Billy Joe's wife. Probably the most popular usage of this is in the song "80" off of Green Day's Kerplunk.

I do not mind if this goes on, cuz now it seems I'm too far gone.
I must admit admit that I am enjoyin' myself, 80 please keep taking me away...

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80s - meme gif

80s meme gif

80s - video

80s - what is it?

The awesomest time in the world EVER

Tears for fears, Billy idol, Dead KEnedys, other AWESOME bands

the greatest time of progress and invention in children's television

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What does "80s" mean?

Slang for OxyContin 80mg.

Let me get a couple more of those 80's

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80s - what does it mean?

Period of time when wearing killer colors, speaking like you came from the valley, and really sweet movies like Goonies were created.

We should revert back to the 80s.

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80s - meaning

doing 80 miles an hour on one of Jersey's most glorious east/west highways.

"Made it to work on time doing 80 on 80."

"It only takes me 55 min to get home from Montclair State!"
"Pft, I can do it in 25. 80 on 80."

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80s - definition

On GameFAQs message boards, topic titles can only have 80 characters. It's normal to announce when you have created a topic title with exactly 80 characters.

Topic title: Is it weird that my parents encourage me to illegally download movies/music/etc?


So is it?

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80s - slang

To express ones utter disgust at something that is old / not of current use or of the past.

'man i was playing Urban Strike on Genesis the other day'
'man thats so fucking 80s '"

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when somethings to crazy for words.

do you even remember last night
negs broda, that shit was straight 80s.

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The 80s - also called "The Eighties" - is the best decade ever, and the era of Successful artists like Michael Jackson, amazing fashion, and new technologies.

Thriller of Michael Jackson was n.1 album in the 1980s and still.

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Simply the best decade to ever pass. It held the best music, movies, shows and celebrity icons. There's no question about it.

Friend: "yo, what film should I watch?"

Me: "watch one of those 80s films, they're bloody amazing."

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