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What is 805?

Sprawling from Ventura County up to parts of Sanluis Obispo. Also includes Simi Valley.

If you like rich kids who think they're gangsta cuz dad helped them put in a sick sound system, or want to get it on with your sister, one of the incest capitals of the country... Move to these 805 areas. Where bro hoes drive bigger trucks then most guys, and dirt bikes are main sources of transportation.

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805 - what is it?

santa maria happens to be in the 805, which makes it lame. don't even move to santa maria!

santa maria is sooo frkn boring. why cant we live somewhere cooler in the 805??

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What does "805" mean?

Central Coast Cali area code. Where all the real gangsta's bang and party. Atascadero's Southern Locos Gang throws up this area code making it a number that commands respect, cuz those ese's are fuckin crazy.

Southern Locos Gang member: It's all about the 805 ese!
Cop:It's people like you that give the central coast a bad name.
Southern Locos Gang member: {pulls out strap and caps the cop in the face}

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805 - what does it mean?

805 is a east-coast gang located in the heart of broward county florida. It is composed of three basic branches kind of like the U.S. Government. The Godfather, or the crew figure head. The Recording secretery, the person in charge of keeping tabs and track of crew events, and the admissions secretery the person in charge of admitting new members. In order to get into the 805 there is always a ceremony or 'jihad' as it is reffered to within the crew. There are three and only three ways to get into the 805. First, there must be a unanimous decisssion by all members and approval from the crew's governing party. Second the individual wanting to join must take part in a secred crew tradition which involves a mailbox, and lastly if the individual is female she needs to get punched in the face.

"Liek OMg i'm so Drunk can i be in the 805; i'll do anything you guys are SOOO cool, i'll totally piss in this bottle for you and poor it all over that mailboxx, and can one of you please punch me in the face?"

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805 - meaning

a place located in central coast of california it is the area code for San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura County but now white boys who have never been to LA, fresno, detroit or somewhere dangerous in thier life and wanna be mexican gangsters who think they're "thug" have taken the name 805 for a gang trying to be the gangsters they wish they were and will probably never amount to anything in there entire life mostly consist of high school kids to older people in theyre 20-30's who dont have a college degree and need to get a life and stop thinking they know what gangster is because they never will and will get stabbed by a real thug one day or worse by trying to act gangster towards them

805 bitches
i think im cool cuz im from the 805

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805 - definition

A term for the 805 area of Ventura County. The community that trueley represents the area between the Bay and LA. Home to sevral Top underground artists such as Madlib, OHNO, Kankick, Roc-C, MED, DJ ROMES, D-TRAGIC & 805HipHop.Com, POK, BIG CAZ and several others.

D-Tragic reps the 805 to the fullest!

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805 - slang

A drinking game utilizing an empty box of 805 beer (12-pack, bottles), snow, a small tree, and well-defined boundaries. The box is placed on a branch of the tree, and then participants hurl snowballs at the box, seeking to dislodge it from the tree. Immediately upon a successful dislodgement, the thrower must sprint to the box, place it back on the three, and then return to his or her previous position. Until ALL of these actions are completed, all other players are permitted to obliterate the "winner" by throwing snowballs as hard as humanly possible at him or her. This game is easy to learn and, upon experiencing it for the first time, you will want to spend the rest of your life never not playing it.

Dude, want to head up to Tahoe for some 805 this weekend?

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Area Code where it all started 805 is the life style of the cent coast of cali, we do it harder, faster, deeper, bigger, louder and longer be it parties that last for days , rides that dwarf the dunes, drinking at the 6am happy hour in A-town, killin bitches and dumpin there bodies in the aquaducts south of wasco/shafter, concerts in SLO county, hacking out of Santa Barabara, surfing the whole damn thing and fucking everything that has the possibility to evolve to talk..

GUY 1:Yo, lets go to the 805 to party.
GUY 2:Fuck it lets go get destroyed..
GUY 3:It's time to smack some bitches up..

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A telephone area code. It borders area codes 661, 818, 559 and 831. 805 is basically Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

The local phone carriers in 805 are:
SBC Pacific Bell, Verizon (used to be GTE)

It's not a status symbol. It's an area code.

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San luis obispo, ventura, santa barabara places and all around there.

The 805 is the place to be!!!!

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