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What is 56?

Rule 56: No proof or it didn't happen

guy 1: I so banged that chick yesterday.

Guy 2: proof or it didn't happen

guy 1: why would I have proof?

Guy 2: Rule 56:

Guy 1: ...........

Guy 2: Soooooo Didn't happen....

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56 meme gif

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56 - what is it?

Something a sensible person can understand

"Crowbar" Is not a very sensible word. A crowbar has nothing to do with crows or bars. It should have been called coconut 56, Because that's something a sensible person can understand.

Grommets say 156 skull. Swood people say Coconut 56

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What does "56" mean?

A penis. Its also used as an insult to others about there sexuality.

Wow your a 56.

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56 - what does it mean?

Another word for forehead. (usualy expresses suprise at the size of a forehead)

DAMN!!!! Check out that 56! She must have down syndrome!

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56 - meaning

Spending a ludicrous amount of money to perform a hand job in the front of a prostitute.....

Ill pay you over a $100 dollars if you watch me jack off.

This would be considered a request to perform a 56......

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56 - definition

Home of the realest niggas in Florida. In the six they tote sticks and hit licks they only want hoes that suck dick. Real jhitts that will bust yo dick

Girl1: oh he cute but he from 56th they only want u to suck they dick

Girl2: but he got a big dick
Girl1: so

Girl2: he can fuck me

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56 - slang

Take a fucking seat

Person one: Hey I hate george bush too!

Person two: 56

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CS term meaning, take a fucking seat. Or sit the fuck down bitch.

Here at 56 we tell you when to take a seat. Now pop a squat right here \_

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to be sent to your friends before the shit absolutely hits the fan.

When someone has way more information on your illegal doings than you do.

Named after Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Isoroku was adopted and the characters for his name read a certain way read 56.

He was killed in action because the Allies had broken the code the Japanese Navy had been using shortly after WWII began.

Roosevelt put a freaking hit out on the dude. Naval intellegence read a copy of his schedule and determined that he would be flying alone to Rabaul. Long range fighters where dispatched and Yamamoto ended up hitting a tree while traveling 300mph. This proved fatal.

The Japanese continued to use their compromised codes for the rest of the war.

Dude in the house texting his friend who is out side the house: You gotta get in here man, free coke, blow, booze, and the donkey show starts in 20 minutes.

Best friend out side the house and sees the SWAT team setting up a perimeter: 56! run!

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The act off partying your righteous ass off from september 5th to the 6th.

Shit dude we need to 56 it up this weekend.

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