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What is 51?

The most popular guy at my school was 5'1.

New kid- You know that 5'1 guy with the muscles? I'm not intimidated but almost, that guy looks tough.
Guy who's been around school- Yea that's JoJo. The other kids call him GI JoJo, I don't mess with him. He's a good guy to make friends with, he's the most popular guy in school.

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51 - what is it?

To claim majority ownership of a "group" thought or joke.
I.E. When during the course of a night several people evolve a funny phrase or thought one individual will yell out "I claim 51%". Thereby they are the majority owner of this new and original thought.

In certain cases, people who had very little to do with joke may claim, or even beg for the 51%...These people are know as a joke lamprey and should be labeled as a 1% (“one percenter”) for that is how much they actually contributed to this new thought.

"If those idiots wanted to be rescued why didnt they just light the tire?"...."I call 51%"

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What does "51" mean?

Number of states many people seem to think the USA has.

"The usa has 51 states"

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51 - what does it mean?

means victory and luck

lottery and david not being gay

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a very cool number which has absolutely no significance to anything.

often written on various objecs in public spaces, or at least it is among my 'circle'.

"hey, dudes, I just 51-ed that lamp-post"
"really? oh yeah, I can see it now, nice one man"

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A cappuccino - see 51 normal

"Get me a 51"

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a joint with $1 worth of weed and $5 of freebase.

why don't you roll up a 51, boo.

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An alien

Area 51 = Area with aliens

Hey look there's a 51!

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Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco

Whats good bro?
Just coolin with a 51

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A joint made of 51% weed and 49% cocaine.

Hey dude let's smoke a 51.

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