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What is 305 Day?

Someone who comes from the streets of the 305, Miami-Dade County. The primary goal of a 305 goon is to get money and have sexual relations with several women, with little or no regard to the law. It has been proven that 305 goons are above the law, and can be found on many a corner smoking marijuana and selling crack-cocaine. 305 goons are superior to goons from other cities because they rep Miami hard. A common phrase among these goons is "305 TIL I DIE", which shows the incomparable lifelong commitment to the struggle. Famous 305 goons include: Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Plies, and Pitbull, among others. 305 gooning is a privilege and is not taken lightly. Those who are fortunate to have grown up in the projects in the Miami area understand the importance of this tradition. The tradition is passed from generation to generation, and it is not unusual to find a young hood-rat hustling and repping his "hood".

I got my ass jumped the other day by a bunch of 305 goons...They jumped me for my Dan Marino jersey.

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305 Day - what is it?

its the area code for the miami,florida area and lower.

Used by Rappers to refer to miami.. also called the MIA ( due to the fact that so many letters confuse them so they just use numbers)

also the most reconized area by the rap/hip-hop community

"305 till i die"

tourist ( to a ghetto miami person ):" where am i young man?"
ghetto miami person: " the 305 nigga "

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What does "305 Day" mean?

the area code and alternate, "Urban" name for the cosmopolitan major metropolopolis Miami, in which I make my residence. Because of my dangerous, drug-dealing proclivities, I subscribe to the Wittgensteinian post-structurist, ontological dialectically materialist possibly existential, "305 STATE OF MIND." Questions of commitment to the struggle are simply laughable, and your counter-argument is rendered irrelevant when i invoke the nymphs of Pit Bull the nymphs pleasing my ears with their many delicate harps and loots until I am ready to yell "305 TILL I DIE".

"What you know about 305, whiteboy?"

"that ain't 305"

"what "

"everything is corrupt in 305"

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305 Day - what does it mean?

1-the ghetto-est place in FLA

Lets go to the 305, thats where all the real shit is.

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305 Day

Definitely the realest area in the entire world...
Carol City, Liberty City, Opa Locka, Porn N Beans, Hialeah, Cutler Ridge, Richmond Heights, Homestead, FLORIDA CITY, south miami, anywhere over tha damn bridge how that lookin for ya

954 got some areas too, hollywood, dania, potters park, emerald palms, alpine, miramar, hallandale

White woman to white husband: Don't go over the bridge honey, we don't want to get mugged and our mercedes stolen!
Black woman to black man (not husband): ay nigga dont go ova tha bridge nigga whatchu tryin get arrested, this be 305

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305 Day

Area code in south Florida. Includes South Miami, Cutler Ridge, The Keys, Homestead, and a few other cities. Full of loud Cubans, skaters, "Take no shit" black women, Myspacers, emos, you name it, it's here. Possibly the best place to live in the world, even if it's so expensive.

305 'till I die! Yeah!

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305 Day

the rawest city in all of florida bitches..daz where all da hardcore niggas stay at
areas in tha 305:
goulds,cutler ridge,richmond heights,perrine,homestead,florida city,westchesta,carol city,south miami,
miami heights etc: yall 305 niggas kno who we b

bitches 305 raw as fuck

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305 Day

305 is the area code for Miami, Homestead, Coral Gables, Key West and Southeastern Florida.
It also overlays with 786.

"Hey where you from?"

"I'm from the 305 baby ! Throw it up! 305 till I die!"

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305 Day

Miami's Areacode


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305 Day

305 Day is celebrated in the city of Miami because of the area code for the city (305)555-5555. It became the official day to have a shot of cuban coffee known as "Cafesito" at 3:05pm by the City of Miami. #Cafesito305

305 day cafesito 305 305 Miami South Florida

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